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Impulse Technology

Alternative forms of water treatment use to be the exception, but now are becoming increasingly more effective as we gain knowledge of the harmful effects of salt and acidic water with our long term consumption. Salt’s health risks and acidic water’s diagnosis of further health concerns have made mineralized water a critical factor in improving ones long term health. We know that disease grows in an acidic environment and blood which is acidic creates the optimum womb for disease. Alkaline blood on the other hand improves one’s chances of reduced illness and disease.

Our water treatment system produces alkaline water which is healthy to drink without the damaging effects of hard water. Additionally, over time the scaling in your pipes will be diminished as the mineralized water travels through it. Impulse technology works by sending 3000 to 5000 low voltage high frequency pulses between an anode and a cathode much like a capacitor works in electronics. The heat energy which is caused by these impulses change the crystallized mineral from one that is in the mineralized form known as Ca(HCO3)2 Calcium Bi-Carbonate or hard water calcium. This mineral is like a thick flake type structure. Calcium Carbonate or CaCO3 the difference being two Hydrogen molecules is the next change stage in our process. The Calcite form (CaCO3) is the adherent form of Calcium in water. However, our electronic de-scaler continues to treat until a by-product called Aragonite (CaCO3) is achieved this mineralized form is more like a power substance. Because of its soluble state it does not adhere to surfaces in a scaling manner. A similar event occurs when boiling water above 144° F when the water fails to keep anything in suspension the residues drop to the bottom or sides of the pot being used to boil water with.

At the molecular level the heat energy applied releases the Hydrogen from the Calcium Bi-Carbonate molecule in the water treatment chamber and it remains in this state as long as high heat energy is not reapplied.

Chemical Breakdown: Ca(HCO3)2 + impulses = CaCO3 + CO2 +H2O

pH is a measurement of the H+ ion concentration in water. It indicates the relative acidity level with 7.0 being neutral and below acidic and above alkaline. Since our process removes the hydrogen and they become free floating, the process increases the concentration of hydrogen+ in the water to form alkaline drinking water. This is why our water becomes alkaline and healthy to drink versus Reverse Osmosis acidic water.

As simple as this process sounds it is quite extensive in how it is performed. The water conductivity is measured and the resultant data sent to a computer who determines the right frequency and charge to apply to the water to create this Aragonite form of the mineral. This measurement and then application event happens every 15 seconds with alterations to the applied energy modified as necessary as the municipal water treatment changes over the course of the year.

Traditional - Down Flow Brining

Many generic and standard water softeners use down flow brining, which entails pushing the hard water through the top of the resin bed, and up through the middle of the tank. However, the hard water typically settles on top of the resin, so much of the media is not used and the softener must regenerate more frequently due to this occurrence. Additionally, the collected hard water contaminates the clean resin requiring further regeneration cycles using more water, more electricity and more salt. Standard systems repeat the backwash and rinse cycle three times to effectively clean the system.

High Efficiency Environmentally Friendly - Up Flow Brining

Water System Solutions™ EnergySaver™ High Efficiency Water Softener Up Flow Brining process (or counter-current regeneration) is the most effective way to regenerate a water softener because it regenerates the resin by removing the contaminants in the opposite direction they came in. The hard water is pushed through the bottom of the resin bed and flows upwards, wetting all the media layers, meaning far less frequent regeneration and water is needed. Additionally, with Proportional Brining only the precise amount of salt is used to bring it back to a full charge. Delayed Backwashing automatically delays the backwash if soft water capacity is still available. Using this available capacity saves hundreds of gallons of water annually. This Eco-Friendly Green Technology dramatically reduces electricity and water usage and minimizes salt waste while maintaining soft water throughout the entire cycle.

What makes the EnergySaver™ High Efficiency Water Softener so environmentally friendly is that on city water, it uses much less salt (up to 75% less) and wastes dramatically less water (up to 80% less) than any other traditional water softener. This Leading-Edge Technology is possible by utilizing the Unique Electronic Valve Head features available from Water System Solutions. The capacitor backup keeps the memory in case of power outage. Soft programming is stored for 72 hours, and essential information is never lost and is hard programmed into the memory. The system alerts you when there is a problem.

High Efficiency Premium Ion-Exchange Resin

Most company’s only warranty the valve, tank and resin for one to five years. The Water System Solutions™ quality “High Efficiency Water Softeners” come with a 10 year 100% manufacturer’s warranty including our Premium 10% Crosslinked Ion-Exchange Resin (higher in capacity and lasts longer). The resin is resistant to chlorine and chloramine, unlike ordinary resin. Our Leading-Edge Technology is equipped with our patent pending KDF reticulating foam filled distributor which increases media life and is less pressure restrictive. This unique system, removes heavy metals, and prevents bacteria growth. When filtration is not used, chlorine on standard resin usually reduces the resins longevity of standard water softeners by approximately 7% annually.

Summarized Amazing Features of Energy Saver™ High Efficiency Water Softeners (Eco-Friendly Green Technology)

Top 10 performance reasons you want our “Leading Edge Technology” High Efficiency Water Softener over other manufacturers standard models: (available with decorative outer jackets upon request). All quality built systems are manufactured by Water System Solutions™ with NSF and WQA Certified Components.

  1. Counter-Current Up Flow Regeneration and Brining – Unquestionably the most efficient method
  2. Proportional Brining – Uses only the precise amount of salt needed
  3. Backwash Delayed automatically if more soft water capacity is available – Saving hundreds of gallons
  4. Up to 75% less salt usage and 80% less water waste and less than $5.00 a year of electricity 12 Volt Operation - No danger of electrical shock.
  5. Programming stored for 72 hours if power outage occurs. Hard programming permanent
  6. “Automatic System Flush” backwashes and recharges every fourteen (14) days if no water is used to keep water fresh and prevents potential bacterial growth.
  7. Uses 50% less soaps and detergents, softer hair and skin, whiter clothes, prevents build up in pipes
  8. Large LED Backlit Screen displays operational data in an easy to read format and alerts you if there is a problem
  9. 10 year 100% Warranty includes Premium 10% Cross-Linked High Efficiency Fine Mesh Ion Exchange Resin. System can be regenerated with either Sodium Chloride or Potassium Chloride salt (you may have to set the salt usage up about 10% when using Potassium)
  10. Proven Technology – independently tested and verified

Add filtration and get the benefits of contaminant removal like: chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, VOC’s, THM’s, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, etc. and medias prevent bacteria growth.