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       from a dream to reality...       


Sonoran Whole Home Solutions, LLC was born from the desire to provide better systems that actually do what people are told they do. We worked in the industry for companies that provided water systems that were proven to not do what they claim they do and not provide the best water for its customers.


We set out with engineers that understood water and what we wanted to provide to customers everywhere and built a better system to meet the needs that people demanded. Our systems have been in development for 3+ years and tested against all the best systems on the market currently to ensure they outperform, outlast and outrun anything else you can get.


This is a family owned business, so we take our business very seriously and want to build something that can make a difference for so many other families. We also come from a family of veterans that sacrificed so much to serve our country and protect America and all that reside here.

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